Bifold Door Handles

Best Handles for Bifold Doors

Here at Bifold Doors UK, the quality of our products is paramount. Take our range of contemporary replacement bifolding door handles for our bifold door systems, for example.

Whether you choose low projection or standard replacement handles, we have the best handles for your bifold doors, because all of our bifold door handles are expertly designed with durability and style in mind.

Call us for a quote or fill in our online enquiry form for more information about all of our bifold door hardware. This includes: bifolding door handles, bifolding door accessories as well as bifold locks.


About Bifolding Door Handles

Bifold door handles differ from standard door handles, like those made for French doors and patio doors. Ultimately, with bifold door handles there is more of a risk of collision when the bifold doors are full open.

Therefore, deciding on the best handles for your bifold doors, or what type of bifold door handle replacement your doors should have, requires a little more design consideration and planning than you would normally do for a standard door.

Of course, at Bifold Doors UK, we can help you with all aspects of choosing your bifold doors. From the initial planning stages to fitting your doors, as well as choosing your bifolding door accessories including bifold locks, hinges and of course, the best handles for bifold doors.


With our range of bifold door handles, significant engineering expertise has gone into the planning of every last detail. For every single bifold handle we have ensured they’re as functional and easy-to-use as possible, whilst also effortlessly carrying out the dual function of pulling in and turning to lock.

Choosing Handles for Interior Bifold Doors

Happily, there are numerous options on offer when it comes to selecting the best bifold door handles, and which ones you choose will be ultimately based on three key factors:

  • Your personal tastes
  • Budget
  • The size and weight of your bifold doors

Prior to selecting bifolding door handles, make sure you take accurate measurements of the depth of your bifold doors, as this will be a primary logistical factor to consider when picking which are the best bifold door handles for your door sets.

Default Bifold Door UK Handles

At Bifold Doors UK, our standard bifold door handles consist of a standard espagnolette (locking device) compatible handle.

However, it is worth noting that in some properties there are problems with this default bifold door handle, because it can collide with the adjacent door and stop the access door from opening fully parallel.

That said, it is possible to remove the external handle and lock to ensure a fully folding access bifold door. This would mean, however, that there would be no access from the outside of the property.

If this isn’t an option for you, we have numerous bifold door handle replacements for you to consider, instead of the default bifold door handle.


Choosing your own Bifolding Door Handles

Where the default bifold door handle is colliding with the other doors and causes restricted access from the outside of your property, you will probably be better off choosing different handles for your bifold doors.

Bifold door handles for bifold doors that have been purchased from us, will need to be compatible with a lock of 92mm centres, and a base that is no wider than 40mm.

At Bifold Doors UK, we recommend two types of handle: low projection handles and standard handles.

Low Projection Handles

A low projection bifold door handle allows your access door to fold open in a fully parallel position without causing any interference with any other door panel.

Standard Handles

The standard bifold door handles jut out further than the low profile door handles, and in some cases, they can collide with the adjacent door, preventing the access door from fully opening to a parallel position.

This doesn’t happen with all bifold doors, however you can select bifold door handle replacements when you purchase your doors, and you won’t have to worry about this.

You can read more about choosing the handles for you bifold doors on our blog post choosing a handle for your new bifold doors.

And, of course, take a look at our wide selection of door handles in this PDF: handle_types.pdf.

For more help and information on door handles for your bi-fold doors, contact us on 0843 886 8378.

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