Frequently Asked Questions
“We are a nationwide bifold door supplier”
Q: Are your door sets solid hardwood?

Yes. We use Sapele as standard, but can also manufacture them in Idigbo or oak (additional cost). Please note that the frame top and bottom track consist mainly of a silver
anodised aluminium extrusion with solid timber cover trims on the outer faces.

Q: Are the doors double glazed?

Yes. We use 28mm thick (4 – 20 – 4) units as standard. Please check at time of ordering for current standard glass specification and U values. Triple glazing can be incorporated at an
extra cost. However, blinds within the glass are no longer possible. It also increases the weight so door leaf maximum possible sizes are reduced.

Q: What colours are available?

All timber receives a full, spray applied micro‐porous paint finish at our factory. We can coat to any RAL, BS, Farrow & Ball or Dulux paint colours. We also do a range of stains. We
can apply a two tone paint finish, where the inside and outside are different colours. However, this significantly increases the cost. All gear is available in satin Chrome, polished
chrome and polished brass as standard. Various other colours available (please enquire).

Q: What sizes / configurations can you make?

All are door sets are made to measure as per your individual order (there are no ‘standard sizes’). Generally speaking, we can manufacture door sets with up to 8 doors in each
direction, open outwards or open inwards, any size with an individual door leaf size of up to 1000mm wide x 3000mm high. Any configuration and size within these limits is possible
but some configurations are more practical than others. Please see our ‘Design Considerations’ document for more details.

Q: Can we have an access (single) door?

Yes. Certain configurations allow one of the door leafs to open independently from the other doors in that stack, and is operated by a standard door handle. This allows easy access
from the inside or outside – just like a standard door, without the need to unbolt and fold open multiple other doors.

Q: Can you provide a totally flush floor level system?

Yes. However, the door bottoms will then only be weather sealed by brush strip. It is therefore only really recommended for sheltered locations. We advise having our 18mm rebate
option which seals the door bottoms and gives them something to positively close against. This is almost flush with only an 18mm change in floor level from inside to outside. Please
see our cross section drawings for more details.

Q: What about drainage of the bottom track?

If our extruded aluminium bottom track is chosen it is self draining. However, if a solid timber one is required, it is the responsibility of the customer / installer to make provisions
for drainage. Certain other non standard site conditions may require unique solutions.

Q: Is your system top or bottom running?

Top running. This is advantageous for numerous reasons. It means the main runners and therefore the bulk of the mechanism is hidden discretely away in the frame head, which
makes everything look neater. It is also a lot less prone to dirt and debris collecting on the weight bearing rollers and affecting the smooth operation of the doors. It does however
mean that a sufficiently structural lintel or beam is required above the aperture to take the weight of the doors. Standard building lintels are usually suitable (depending upon the
door set width).

Q: Can we have glazing bar designs, rails or panels in the doors?

Yes, many options are available – please enquire (price on application).

Q: Do you offer a fitting service?

No. We offer a supply only service, but we can recommend various installers if required. However, we can deliver anywhere in the UK (price on application).

Q: Are your door sets simple enough for a practical person who is competent in DIY to install?

Yes. Only simple tools are required. Instructions are provided, and we can be contacted during normal office hours for further advice. It is advisable that two people install the doors
as some items are fairly large and heavy. Please also see our installation guide. A sufficient level of knowledge and competence is assumed.

Q: Can we have blinds in the glass units?

Yes, as on optional extra. However, they stack to the top so will slightly reduce the overall visible glass area and therefore the amount of light coming in.

Q: What is included in your price?

As mentioned above, our prices are for supply only. The delivery cost will depend upon where the site is located. The price includes a full door set as per our standard product spec
(see separate document), glass (factory glazed as standard), full micro‐porous spray painted finish to any colour, all running gear and handles etc (pre routed and drilled in the doors
and factory fitted where possible). Various other options are available at additional costs.

Q: What is not included in your price?

Installation. The following items also are not included due to the huge variation in site specific requirements and conditions: Mastic, quadrant or other trims, end grain sealer, frame to aperture fixings, tools, additional door latches (cabin hooks etc).

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