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We Design & Build Solid Oak Bifold Doors from Scratch
Our premium bespoke oak bifold doors will help open up your living space, enabling you to access your patio or garden with ease. The high, glazed panels on each of our solid oak panel doors means you can appreciate the outdoors even when the weather is not so great. Whilst the simple sliding system means you can open your doors fully for a picture-perfect connection between the indoors and outdoors on a beautiful day. It’s this versatility that makes solid oak bifold patio doors a clear winner for many homeowners these days.
About Oak Bifold Doors

About Oak Wood
Oak is a common choice of timber for doors and windows, particularly in period homes which normally have timber sash or casement windows elsewhere. Naturally stunning, it offers a ‘friendlier’ feel than aluminium or uPVC, and can also be coated in any colour you desire.

Why Oak Wood is so Popular
Here are a few reasons why oak is a favourite choice of wood with many:

  • Sturdy. Oak bifold doors have a solid frame and are hard-wearing and durable doors. So, while you may fork out a little bit more than lower-priced alternatives, you’ll certainly get your investment back, for many years.
  • Good Insulation. Oak is a dense material making it tremendously energy efficient. Oak doors help to shut in heat during the colder weather, but also work well during the warmer summer months, as they enable your home to get cooler.
  • Complements Home Décor. An all-rounder, oak folding doors really add some style to your home décor, and enhance the choice of floor, whether it be tiled, wooden or carpeted. Oak goes with virtually any floor type and is the perfect choice internally or externally. So if you’re thinking of installing interior oak bifold doors, you will make a beautiful choice.
  • Noise Cancelling. Oak doors, particularly solid oak bifold doors, create a fantastic noise barrier when shut. This is especially valuable for those living on busy streets or even near the road, or anyone with noisy children. They also work well in office buildings thanks to the acoustic nature of oak. Enquire today about our trade bifold doors.

Why Buy Made to Measure Oak Bifold Doors?

Our internal and external oak bifold doors combine the natural appearance of oak with the thermal efficiency of composite materials. Made from a solid engineered core, our solid oak bifold doors provide value, solidity and durability.

Thanks to their natural appearance and flexibility, timber bifold doors are an excellent choice to enhance any property. Oak has a gorgeous graining and its stunning aesthetics are why it’s one of the most best-selling materials.

Oak can be paired with flooring, furniture or existing windows and doors, and used to create a traditional or a contemporary look.

Our oak bifold doors with glass, manufactured in our dedicated joinery here in the UK, receive a full spray applied microporous paint finish at our factory, so they can be fitted quickly without adding a paint or stain. This lightly tinted gloss protects the wood from all manner of weather conditions so you can rest assured that your patio doors are weatherproof – essential with our changeable British weather.

Check out our FAQs about our bi-folding doors section for further information about our oak bifold doors as we have a whole section dedicated to them on our website.

Advantages of Internal and External Bifold Oak Doors

There are several benefits of oak bifold doors. These advantages make them the most favoured style of bifold doors among house owners. The lighting and natural aesthetic charm of solid oak are two key qualities associated with these solid bifold doors. But the main advantages of bifold doors are:

  • Space-Saving. Perhaps the most important benefit of all is that oak bifolding doors save a lot of space, thanks to their clever design and layout. Fixed at one end, these sliding doors take up minimum space with the help of their simple structure. Bifold doors are especially useful in limited and small areas.
  • More Natural Light. Additional natural light is the second benefit of bifold doors. These sliding doors tuck right away, opening up a room and allowing a flood of natural light into the space. Not only does more natural light make a room look more attractive, it is also better for our health.
  • Improved Security. Solid oak bifold doors provide enhanced security options to your home too. They feature numerous locking points across the sliding channel meaning they’re more secure than French doors or normal patio doors, which often only feature single locking joints. Bifold doors are great for indoor areas like bedrooms and other similar areas that require enhanced privacy.
  • Look Great.Our bifold doors add to the attractiveness of a home. As they cover large areas of the wall, customisation is super easy with these sliding doors. Along with this, these doors are available in various attractive designs.
If you would like to discuss your project requirements with us then why not give us a call on 0843 886 8378
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