Accordion Doors

No space for a swinging bi-fold door? Consider an interior accordion door – it makes a fabulous folding room divider or wardrobe door. Available in wood, aluminium or vinyl, our accordion room dividers – also known as folding screens or folding screen room dividers – are a great alternative to hinged and sliding patio doors, and can also be used to highlight open plan living. The beauty of our folding interior doors is that the multiple panels fold to create an opening that take full advantage of the entire width of the door.

About Accordion Doors

What Are Accordion Doors?

Easy on the eye and easy to operate, accordion doors are a simple, functional solution for residential and commercial buildings. Versatile and chic to look at, they’re often used as space-savers and space dividers and work in the same way as their music instrument counterparts – i.e. they don’t swing in or out like standard hinged doors, such as bi-folding doors.

Because of this, as well as countless structures and designs, our accordion door are some of the best around and are incredibly popular. Our folding screen room dividers fold up within the space rather than disappear into the wall.

Where Can Our UK Accordion Doors Be Used?

Not limited to merely concealing interior door openings, accordion doors can serve diverse functions. Whether you’re looking for accordion closet doors for bedrooms or metal accordion doors for your business, we stock numerous styles to fit a variety of situations.

When used in residential surroundings, accordion wall doors are ideal for:

• Separating sleeping / living areas
• Creating new rooms
• Creating rooms within rooms
• Storerooms
• Home office
• Utility room
• Laundry room
• Walk-in wardrobe
• Games room
• Gallery-style kitchen facilities
• Workshop within a garage
• Sleeping quarters
• Study
• Laundry rooms
• Foyers
• Room dividers
• Screening off storage / clutter in a clothing, pantry or broom cupboard

In commercial buildings, they’re great for:

• Cafeterias
• Meeting rooms
• Reception areas
• Commercial room dividers for common lobby areas in shopping centres
• Booths in shops
• Privacy dividers

Features and Benefits of Folding Room Dividers

Folding doors are regularly used to split sleeping and living areas within efficiency-style housing units or to provide a barrier between basement or family room recreation areas. They can be custom-made to provide sound proofing on top of visual separation.

Extremely practical and beautiful, interior accordion doors can be used as instant walls and doors. Whatever you intend to use them for, they can be a cost-effective option. Robustly built with panels on a track with wheels, they offer ease of operation in addition to numerous other benefits.

Here are just some of the benefits of accordion doors:

• Space-saving. Accordion doors are incredibly easy to fit and solve space and separation issues. Our accordion retractable doors offer resilience and practicality together with luxury and charm.
• Dividers. Ideal for closets, tight spaces and confined residences, custom folding interior doors allow you to cordon off parts of your home where regular doors won’t fit.
• Easy to operate. Unlike regular doors that tend to open and close noisily or sometimes even slam, accordion doors remain virtually silent.
• Energy saving. When used to close off specific areas from heating or air conditioning, accordion doors can save your energy bills.

Accordion Doors Materials

You can select from a variety of accordion doors materials, like wood, glass, metal, such as aluminium, plastic or vinyl. Accordion doors are available in a wide range of colours and features. Installation is simple and easy and doesn’t require specific hardware. Operation accordion doors are very easy to operate. The closing mechanism usually involves magnetic contact. Hence, there is no slamming of doors shutting against a frame. Noiseless operation can help to maintain the soothing ambience of a room.

A final word, accordion doors are intelligent and simple solutions to dividing a room or to covering an opening.

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