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We're a UK manufacturer and supplier of French Doors, building all our French doors in-house using high quality, durable materials. Prices start from £650 and we can deliver nationwide across the UK mainland. Our French doors come in a range of standard sizes, however, we can also make doors to measure.

About French Doors

Why Do We Call Them French Doors?

When it comes to the perfect blend of aesthetics and practicality, both internal French doors and external French doors, tick all the boxes. From small French doors to standard French door sizes, you can’t go wrong with a wooden French door as your front door.

French doors date back to the late 16th century Italy. Wooden French doors were originally used as floor-to-ceiling windows providing access onto small Juliette balconies. During this time, Italy was at war with France and the French, upon victory, returned home with many of the Italian’s design influences in tow. These new style of doors then began cropping up throughout the Renaissance era, becoming especially popular in the mid-17th century.

While narrow French doors were originally used to access balconies on upper floors, over time, their usage in ground floor applications increased. Design evolved from being predominantly wooden to making use of a number of different materials, such as wrought iron and glass, our white French doors for example are incredibly popular. Following their popularity in Europe, French doors arrived in the UK in the late 17th century.

What’s the Difference Between a French Door and a Patio Door?

The main difference between patio doors and French doors is in the way they open.

Patio doors are sliding doors, meaning they slide to open on a track. This track is installed along the top and bottom of the door. Whereas French doors open outwards in a traditional manner, and are typically used as room dividers and double doors, making them great internal door pairs.

Rest assured, there’s something for everyone in our internal white French door collection. And don’t forget, internal French doors are just as popular as external French doors.

Why Choose French Doors?

Wooden French doors such as hardwood French doors are becoming a popular choice. Made from hardwoods such as timber/oak, these solid wooden French doors are treated and resistant to weathering, mould, UV damage and are also fade resistant. However whilst these French doors are designed to be used externally, there is nothing stopping you from having a hardwood internal French door – a popular choice here in the UK.

Bespoke wooden French doors help a property maintain a high-quality look and feel throughout, and often add a real character inside the property. The heavier weight of a solid wood French door is an added benefit, as the doors feel sturdier, close much more firmly and are also a better option in terms of security as they have sound locking systems as well as multipoint locking.

These solid wood French doors can also be manufactured in our own joinery, with toughened safety glass that is double glazed to ensure the French doors are energy efficient as well as stylish.

Depending on the location of the French doors, they also have the ability to let in more natural light. This, in turn, helps the property feel more open and spacious. You can customise your solid wood French door however you like. Choose your preferred material, and we will ensure it is fully finished for you in the finish, size and colour that you want – we’ll develop something that’s truly bespoke for your living space. You simply won’t find anything else like our wooden French doors in a shop front.

You can even make sure your internal French doors fit perfectly with your existing decor scheme. Rest assured they’ll suit both your needs and your style preferences to a tee! Of course, remodelling has the potential to significantly add value to your home. So, replacing unloved, clunky doors with slimline and sophisticated internal French doors or internal oak French doors, can improve both your standard of living and potentially your home’s resale value.

Bespoke French doors are a beautiful addition to a property and can be used as an external set or an internal set. These can be in standard French door size or something bespoke – we have an option that will work for your home.

Sometimes properties require small French doors, or narrow French doors for the exterior of the building. External French doors can connect the house with the garden, which can be great for families with small children or for those who like to enjoy and entertain outdoors.

Our range of internal French doors can be used to connect rooms such as living rooms to kitchens, or living rooms to additional enclosures and living spaces such as orangeries and conservatories.

Additional Product Information

French doors typically come in a range of different materials, the most common being PVCu and hardwood. PVCu or uPVC French doors are typically mass produced and are a cheaper alternative to hardwood versions. uPVC versions are durable, light weight and cost effective, but don’t carry the same quality, look and feel of hardwood alternatives.

A French door style consists of a frame around one or more transparent glass panels – manufactured from toughened safety glass which is available in a variety of different sizes. These toughened safety glass panels are commonly referred to as “lites” or “lights” which can be installed singly or in pairs. The glass panels in our French doors are made of safety glass, so your security is never an issue and because they are double glazed, they ensure the oak French door is energy efficient too.

A matching pair of French doors is known as a French window as it resembles a door height casement window. To prevent water ingress, external French doors typically require a weather strip at floor level to prevent water passing into the rails/components and into the property.

On some external French Doors, an espagnolette bolt is used. This allows the head and foot of each French door to travel in one direction. The fabrication and high quality of joinery allows for larger glass panes to be installed, enabling larger quantities of light to enter a property.

Are French Doors Energy Efficient?

Some external French doors are reportedly poorly energy efficient because the area between them, where the French doors meet, can be susceptible to air and water leakage. We are proud that all of our wooden French doors are fitted snugly, ensuring the seals are tight, to prevent air leakage in and out of the property. This gives your French doors better thermal efficiency, making them the energy efficient choice for your home.

Discover More About Our Exterior and Interior French Doors

Bifold Doors UK offers a wide range of customisable options for your internal French Doors and your external French doors. Our French doors are made in our very own joinery, using high quality FSC sourced wood. We engineer and manufacture this into double doors that are sleek, beautiful to look at and functional, but more importantly are designed to last.

We offer a wide range of options to customise your French doors. Simply choose your height, size, glass arrangement, wood stain and much more.

Why not give us a call to speak to a member of the Bifold Door UK team?

Brochures, Specifications & CAD Diagrams

The brochures below are applicable to bifold doors, French doors, patio doors and other similar products. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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