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Over the last decade, bifolding doors have become incredibly popular, namely because they maximize space, increase ventilation and are energy efficient. Both internal and external bifold doors also allow more light into a property than conventional French doors. Bifold doors – or glass sliding doors, folding sliding doors and sliding room dividers – are doors that slide open with panels that cleverly fold up and stack against the wall. Having trouble visualising what a bi-folding door might look like? Think of a concertina!
About Bifold Doors

Fold-in doors are wonderful for anyone wanting to expand a room and bring the outdoors inside. The best part? They take up much less space than traditional patio doors. What’s more, they’re outstanding room dividers and are built with numerous hinges, allowing them to sit flush against the wall when opened.

External and internal bifold doors have become increasingly trendy as a feature in a home. Even smaller properties can take advantage of this door type! They’re sophisticated, functional and can increase the value (and space!) of your home.


Benefits of Bi-Fold Doors

Sturdy and Solid

Thanks to a multi-point locking system, locking shoot-bolts, high security hinges and upgraded glass, our bi-fold doors are incredibly secure. All our doors are double glazed as a standard and are externally beaded.

Smooth Design

The rollers on our doors are on the top track to ensure a smooth opening to the outside. This means the main runners and bulk of the mechanism are hidden discretely away in the frame head. We offer a range of doors, such as hardwood, softwood and aluminium bifold doors.

A Choice of Designs

Aside from offering various standard bifold doors, we can also make products tailored to your tastes. You can choose the material and size to suit your budget. We offer a wide range of design options to help you get the exact look you want. Our bifold doors can be wood stained or painted before dispatch, and you can choose any RAL or BS colour. We finish our doors using high-quality paints from Dulux or Farrow & Ball, and can add various ironmongery options, including a choice of handles to suit both contemporary and traditional homes.

Enjoy a More Alfresco Experience Indoors

Arguably the best thing about our external and internal folding doors (especially compared to traditional patio doors!) is their ability to bring the outdoors in, allowing easy access to your patio or garden space. Unlike standard patio doors that feature solid panes, our bespoke sliding and bifolding doors will give you the feeling of sitting outdoors from the comfort of your home.

Enhance Natural Light

When you open up a bifold door, any living space can (and will!) feel like a garden room because of the natural light and fresh air. It’s amazing the difference they can make to a room. The large glass panes will give you the freedom to enjoy outdoor views no matter what the weather is like.

We supply doors across London, the South East, and the rest of the UK including England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. We have short lead times, and can offer fast dispatch if needed. Simply call today on 0843 886 8378 to get a free quote.

Trade Products

We manufacture and supply products to customers as well as businesses and traders. If you are a trader/commercial business and want to purchase doors at trade prices or in bulk then please give us a call. Some of our frequent trade customers include:

  • Architects
  • Property Developers
  • Property Renovators
  • Installers
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Tradesmen

We offer fantastic rates on trade prices and larger orders will carry better discounting.

Lead Time

Lead times for folding and sliding doors can be as little as two weeks. Please call us to discuss your requirements and delivery requirements.

More Information About Our Doors

Below, we’ve answered some of your most-asked questions about our external and internal bifold doors.

Why Buy Bifold Doors?

Make your home feel more luxurious with internal and external folding doors. Imagine gently folding the premium, hardwood doors aside into a compact space, allowing the light and air to fill the room. Bifold doors allow who spaces and enclosures to easily open up. All of our bespoke doors are manufactured from high-quality materials and components that create a luxurious, prestigious product that’ll amaze your guests. Bifold doors can be a real statement piece in your home.

What Are Bifolding Doors?

These doors are otherwise known as bi-fold doors, folding sliding doors, glass sliding doors and sliding room dividers. In a nutshell, a bifold is a door that slides open while its panels fold up and stack neatly against the wall, like a concertina.

Why Are Bifolding Doors Used?

Normally, they link rooms to an outdoor space, like an entrance to a conservatory or garden. In general, a bifold can feature anything from 2-7 panels, all of which are linked with hinges and affixed to rollers at the top or bottom.

Why Should I Buy One?

One of the main selling points of bifold doors is that they provide remarkable views to the great outdoors. Aluminium frames support big, glass panes and offer slim frame profiles for unobstructed views

Are They Space-Saving?

When open, traditional doors such as patio doors and French doors occupy more space than bifold doors. Because of that, it’s more difficult to place items like furniture. Up to 50% of the space surrounding the doors could potentially be wasted in comparison to folding doors which take up just 10%.

How Big Are Bifolding Doors?

Slimmer and less conspicuous than traditional patio doors or French doors, folding doors allow the utmost visibility without compromising durability and provide are ultra-modern in their appearance.

Do Bifolding Doors Involve A Lot of Maintenance?


Our folding patio doors are incredibly low maintenance, especially our aluminum bifold doors. Simply wash them and occasionally use a splash of oil to keep them looking smart and sliding smoothly.

Are They Practical?


They’re made to fold tidily to one or both sides of an aperture when open. This allows people to move easily from the inside to the outside or from one one room to another. Sliding patio and French doors can be less practical in more limited or smaller living spaces. For example, bifolding doors are the better option when opening onto a balcony or patio. On the other hand, our internal and external bifold doors fold away neatly and don’t affect access.  Folding patio doors are an especially wonderful solution for wheelchair users as they’re more accessible.

How Secure Are They?

Incredibly safe and secure!

Even though bifold doors are made of glass and offer visibility to the outdoors, they’re totally weatherproof and are thermally/energy efficient.

Do You Create Bespoke Bifold Doors That Are Tailored to My Tastes?

As a brand dedicated to its customers, we realise everyone has their own individual requirements and budget. Because of that, every quote we offer is bespoke. We don’t mass-produce products without a care for quality. Each door we manufacture undergoes stringent quality checks as do the components used to form the door set.

What’s more, we’ll help you every step of the way, from choosing the door styles and materials through to colour and ironmongery.

What Features Are Available on Bifold Doors?

We offer a wide array of features and options. We can combine hardwoods such as timber with other elements like aluminium to give you the best of both worlds. Though we don’t stock uPVC bifold doors, we do have a high-quality range of hardwood options, including Sapele, indigo and oak. All bifold doors can be further customised with beautiful ironmongery, colours, etc.

Are They Easy to Operate?

Yes! Bifold and sliding doors offer amazing flexibility, are easy to operate, and safe. The doors are weather resistant, secure, and provide excellent thermal and energy efficiency, effectively minimising heat loss. How? We use gasket seals between joints that close completely when the doors are shut.

How Are Bifolding Doors Installed?

Bifolds are usually connected in a train configuration. The doors may come in pairs with two doors folding each side, or with four doors, splitting in the middle and opening in separate directions. There are many different configurations for this type of door and we’re happy to discuss your individual requirements and manufacture something fully customised.

What Environments Are Bifold Doors Used in?

We offer bifold door products for use in domestic (residential) and commercial applications i.e. restaurants, offices, and entertainment areas. The doors can be tailored to their respective environment and can provide all the things essential for folding sliding doors, including security, configuration, and weatherproofing. Our bifold doors can also be customised to complement the existing style or theme of the property.

How Do the Doors Open?

Our folding doors will come complete with track and fittings and can be opened outwards, inwards, left or right.

Can the Doors Be Customised?

Yes! All aspects of the doors’ stylings can be customised, including the colour, finish, stain, handle, and more. Have a look through our gallery to see all the ways in which you can customise your doors!

What Other Products Are Available?

We also stock hardwood windows, internal doors, French doors and patio doors. If you have a requirement relating to multiple products, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Costs & Pricing for Bifold Doors
Our manufactured bifold door prices start from £500. But, because of the amount of variables involved with bifolding doors, we can provide a free quote based on your specific requirements. Prices for multiple panels vary but start from £1300 for 2 panels, £1950 for 3 and so forth. All doors are 2090mm high, however we can also produce doors at non-standard sizes.
If you would like to discuss your project requirements with us then why not give us a call on 0843 886 8378
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