About Folding Sliding Doors

Also referred to a bi-folding doors, folding sliding doors are a great type of door for properties with limited space. This is because, as the folding sliding doors slide away, they stack up on themselves and save on space.

Ultimately, folding sliding doors usually stack to one side of a mounting point, or even into a cavity wall, for the most efficient space saving solution.

Folding Sliding Doors from Bifold Doors UK

At Bifold Doors UK, our folding sliding doors can be used for both internal and external doors, and can be made to both standard and bespoke sizes.

All of the folding sliding doors from the Bifold Doors UK joinery are manufactured in the UK from FSC sustainable hardwoods and softwoods.

The standard door sizes from Bifold Doors UK include: Single doors that measure 610 mm x 1981mm, 686 mm x 1981mm, 762 mm x 1981mm, 838 mm x 1981mm, 864 mm x 2083mm, 915 mm x 2134mm and double doors that measure 915 mm x 1981mm, 1067 mm x 1981mm, 1168 mm x 1981mm, 1220 mm x 1981mm, 1372 mm x 1981mm, 1524 mm x 1981mm.

In addition, Bifold Doors UK can also make external bifold doors and internal bifold doors that are up to 3 meters in height and 1 meter wide (3000 mm x 1000mm). If you opt for folding sliding doors with multiple door leafs, we can provide doors 3 meters in height and up to 12 meters wide (3000 mm x 12000 mm).

Although, at Bifold Doors UK, we generally recommend that folding sliding doors are installed in smaller properties, they do work well in most properties and are a practical way of making space in the home.

Our folding sliding doors can be supplied in a wide range of stains and colours, which can add to the character of a property and make doors that suit your individual requirements.
As a general rule, pine style timbers tend to be lighter in appearance and are recommended for cottages, heritage properties, country manors and estates. Oak woods are generally darker and used more in contemporary properties. That said, the traditional appearance of oak is also great for older properties and, ultimately, the type of wood you choose is due to personal choice. Of course, we can make recommendations if you want!

At Bifold Doors UK, we offer Oak, Sapele and Idigbo stains for doors which all feature different shades and patterns.
For more information on the folding sliding doors from Windows Doors UK, call us on 0843 886 8378.

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