Bifold Door Specifications

“Bifold Door Specifications”


Door configurations up to 8 in each direction (16 total) can be supplied. These can be any configuration. Please see the document showing door configuration types for more details.

  • Available in open outwards or open inwards.
  • There are a number of different threshold configurations available to suit various site requirements. Please see additional cross section drawings for details.
  • All manufactured from solid hardwood. Sapele is used as standard. Other timbers available. The frame top and bottom track consist mainly of a silver anodised aluminium extrusion with solid timber cover trims.
  • All extremity door stiles (outermost stiles on each stack) use solid laminated timber. This is because they are only fixed at the top and bottom, and not in the middle. Using this timber helps to minimise warping and bending. All other timber is solid non-laminated.

All door leaf components are 68mm wide sight lines. These can be increased as an optional extra.

  • The door leaf thickness = 68mm.
  • The outer frame depth = 142mm.
  • 28mm double glazed units in all doors. Please check for current standard glass specification.
  • Fully factory glazed. No glazing required on site. All doors are externally beaded.
  • Full micro-porous sprayed paint finish to all timber. We can coat to any RAL, BS, Farrow & Ball or Dulux colour. Some retouching of the paint may be required on site if damage or natural timber movement occurs.
  • Choice of gear colours is Satin Chrome, polished chrome and polished brass (some functional or non visible bits will still be standard metal colour).
  • ll doors are held by magnetic catches when fully open. These match the finish of all the other running gear.
  • All hinge / runner leafs are routed flush and are symmetrical when open. Many other systems are surface mounted and not symmetrical, and therefore look less tidy.
  • All running gear is fully cut in and attached at the factory. This reduces installation time and minimises errors.
  • Our system is top running. The rollers are in the top track so this means it’s less prone to dirt and debris collecting and is easier to keep clean. Therefore the system will generally run smoother for longer. The weight of the doors hangs from the top so an adequate lintel or other structural beam should be allowed for in the aperture.
  • All running gear and keeps are fully adjustable to allow for natural timber movement.
  • The outer frame is supplied in four separate parts for ease of transport and unloading. All corners are pre drilled for re assembly on site. Screws are provided.
  • When there is an access door present, it will have an espagnolette lock with euro cylinder. They operate with a standard door latch.
  • The lock is activated by lifting the handle, then turning the key. It is unlocked by turning the key, then pressing the handle down.
  • Operation is the same from the inside and outside. The external lock can be omitted if required, but then there would be no access possible from outside.
  • The approximate maximum door leaf width is 1000mm and the height is 3000mm (depending on various factors). Please see additional drawings for exact minimum / maximum frame widths depending upon different configurations.
  • Access doors will be fitted with a standard lever/lever handle – this will prevent the doors from stacking back fully flat. An extended magnet keep will be fitted in order to hold the access door open against the adjacent door, and to stop the handle from colliding with the adjacent door leaf.

VARIABLE:The lock size changes at certain door leaf heights. On leaf heights 1934mm and over it will have a standard multi point lock (2050mm frame height on standard setup). Door or frame heights below this will have a smaller, single point lock.

There will be an additional row of hardware at certain door leaf heights (over 2400mm). This means instead of one central row of hinges, there will be two rows. There will only ever be one central handle, regardless of door or frame height.

The top shoot bolt lengths change at certain frame heights. Please see additional drawings for details.

When the access door is on the end of a multiple door stack and the standard handle is used, an extended magnet catch will be fitted on the access door to prevent the handle hitting the adjacent door when open.

All the following options are available at additional cost and must be specifically requested if required (£POA):

  • Choice of other timbers available. Idigbo or oak can be used instead of the standard Sapele.

Venetian blinds are available within the glass units. Choice of colours available. These are operated using a ball cord that is located on the outside of the glass. The slats can be tilted or the blind can slide up and down using this cord.

  • Trickle vents in the door leaf top rails.
  • Thumb turn knob to lock cylinder internally (instead of keys).
  • Upgraded glass specification.
  • Two tone paint scheme (meaning that the inside and outside are painted different colours).
  • Various panels / glazing bar designs can be incorporated into the door leafs.
  • The stiles and / or rails can be increased in size upon request. The next standard size up is 92mm, but we can do other sizes also. They cannot be reduced in size.

Alternative frame top and bottom track anodising colours such as gold or black (silver is standard). They can be powder coated to any other colour also, but this will affect the durability of the finish. These changes can significantly increase both the lead time and cost.

The following items are not included due to the huge variation in site specific requirements and conditions:

  • Mastic.
  • Quadrant or other trims.
  • End grain sealer.
  • Frame to aperture fixings.
  • Tools.
  • Additional door latches (cabin hooks etc).
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