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Hardwood timber bi-fold doors make a stylish and inviting addition to the decor in both contemporary and classic homes.
These space-saving doors work well installed as part of a brand new extension or as part of a refurbishment. At Bifold Doors UK, we are able to create wooden doors in a variety of different finishes, stained to match outdoor decking or interior beams to make sure your new doors integrate seamlessly into your decor plans. If you’re looking to brighten up your home or add a new extension, hardwood bifold doors are an absolute must-have, as they blend your living space with your garden together seamlessly. They’llimmediately change your living style by providing a clear opening onto your patio or directly into your garden. Hardwood folding doors offer a truly classic, natural looking door that has slim sight lines and being made of hardwood adds a feeling of natural cosiness and warmth to your living space.
About Hardwood Bifold Doors

Whether you have a traditional charming country cottage or a new build home in need of some stylish new entranceways, folding timber doors really do make a pleasing and versatile addition to any living space.

This is particularly the case when used as an entrance out into gardens, decking, courtyards and other open spaces. The wooden frame creates a rustic, natural feel, while the glass window panels let in plenty of natural warmth and light. For families in rural or coastal locations who want to make the most of surrounding views without compromising square footage in the living space, these doors are a particularly popular choice. Timber is a naturally insulating material, so it helps reduce heat loss in the colder months, and all the timber used in our doors is sustainably sourced by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Types of Wood

At Bi-Fold Doors UK, our hardwood doors are made with different types of ethically-sourced timber in order to ensure a premium product each and every time.

There are two classifications of timber, hardwood and softwood. At Bi-Fold Doors UK, we only manufacture products from hardwood materials, as we find that softwoods simply aren’t strong enough to provide the longevity and premium finish deserving of our clients. Softwoods come from coniferous trees, such as pine, fir, and spruce trees. While it makes a pleasant, workable wood for use in interior applications and furnishings, it requires a great deal in the way of fortification from paints, varnishes and other finishing products to withstand the elements.

Hardwoods come from deciduous trees such as oak, elm and maple, and examples of these include the following:


Sapele is a popular African wood species that is dark red and brown in colour. This is a workable wood with a fine grain, commonly identified by it’s “stripey” looking finish..


Oaks such as English Oak are charming and classic, defined by the warm golden brown tones and hard, heavy timber finish. The coarse texture and straight grain requires a seasoned hand to ensure a fine and stylish finish..


Another attractive African wood, Idigbo is a durable, medium-weight wood that lends itself well to external applications especially. It is often used in place of oak to get the same finish for a more competitive price where budget is an issue.

These are just a couple of our preferred hardwoods, chosen for their workability, durability, longevity and style. As hardwoods typically have a more pronounced grain pattern made more noticeable by the wood’s deeper shades, these woods create a premium, high-quality looking finish.

Once we have shaped and finished the wood into the frame shapes, we finish them with stains to ensure they are given some extra strength and are weatherproofed.

Benefits of Hardwood Bifold Doors
All the materials we choose to use in our frames are treated to ensure they have a long life span. This means they’re specially coated to ensure resistance against the natural elements as well as UV light to prevent fading and warping. These treatments also ensure suitability in city/urban settings as the doors are resistant to damage caused by high traffic levels and pollution.

Timber is also a natural insulator to ensure optimal heat retention, which can be especially beneficial when the  wooden folding doors are used in conservatories, orangeries or out onto decking or gardens. These stylish and environmentally friendly products can be stained and finished in a number of different paints, so whether you want a simple varnish or a colour to match your living space, you can achieve the look you want thanks to simple customisation.

Costs & Pricing for Bifold Doors
Our manufactured wooden bifold door prices start from £750, because of the number of variables involved with bifolding doors, we usually provide a quotation based on your requirements. Prices for multiple panels vary starting from £1300 for 2 panels, £1950 for 3 and so forth. All doors are 2090mm high, however we can also produce doors at nonstandard sizes.
If you would like to discuss your project requirements with us then why not give us a call on 0843 886 8378
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