How much do aluminium bifold doors cost?

Providing an opportunity to maximise the space and light of an opening, bifold doors can be a fabulous addition to any property.

Not only do aluminium bifold doors provide a strong, extremely durable and flexible solution to your design dilemmas, but they will certainly be in keeping with modern architectural thinking.

Many property development television programs feature bifold doors, pushed fully back to allow full view of a dramatic sunset, or to demonstrate how their use can link an outside space to the inside of a building.

The Bi-fold Doors UK range of aluminium doors can accommodate openings of up to 15 meters in width and as high as 3 meters. Bi-fold Doors UK have a growing reputation for the highest quality at the keenest of prices, you can find out for yourself by obtaining a free quote.

Basic cost can be calculated from the following table:

The frames and doors are manufactured using only the highest quality aluminium and their strength means they can be up to 8 doors wide on each side,16 in total. The running system is top hung for smooth operating and low maintenance demands.

By requesting a call back, you’ll soon be on the road to discussing your individual requirements.

A member of our team will be able to discuss your personal requirements and explain how each of the options will affect the pricing of your doors. Any questions you may have, any concerns, will be expertly answered and reassurance given about the quality of these doors.

Many of your questions may have been asked before, why not find out in our Frequently Asked Questions?

We design and manufacture the bifold doors ourselves and are able to ensure that only the highest quality products are supplied. An exact specification and a bespoke costing for your personal bifold door needs can be obtained by simply filling out this form or by calling us on 0843 886 8378.

There are many features which are standard on our aluminium bifold doors, concealed hinges for example, and there are also many options for you to decide on.

Some of these will affect the overall cost of the doors, and our team member will be happy to run through these with you.

  • The doors can be configured to open inwards or outwards
  • Optional colouring for the running gear
  • Micro-porous paint finish, coated to any RAL / BS and Farrow & Ball / Dulux colour
  • Aluminium can even be tinted with a timber effect
  • Door configuration and whether to include an access door.
  • Lock and handle design and specifications

Many of these options can be found on our design considerations pages.

With prices starting at £500 per panel and a complete 2 panel unit supplied for just £1300, our top quality aluminium bifold door system can be an affordable, cost effective, sustainable addition to any property.

Aluminium can be constantly recycled meaning that up to 95% of the energy used in manufacture can be saved through recycling with no compromise in quality or durability. The material is extremely environmentally friendly.

Individual units, supplied to bespoke sizes and specifications can be manufactured, please contact us with your personal requirements.

We can also supply to the trade and welcome enquiries from developers, architects, designers or companies with multiple projects. One of our team would be happy to discuss this with you on 0843 886 8378.

Bifold Doors – How Much They Cost and Everything Else You Need to Know

Do you mull over new ways to either improve your house or add value to it? Do you find yourself in the wintry months longing for the return of warm summer evenings and wondered of ways to bring the outside in?

If you have, you’re not alone.

[IMG: “1-bifoldcost”; accredit:]
Most of us look forward to the times when we can open up our homes to the elements. But for our next home improvement is there a way of doing so that constitutes more than just the opening of a door or a window?

Cue: your introduction to bifold doors

…An ingenious way to maximise a living space, to connect with nature and to admire your gardening handiwork.

And here, we’ll address the over-riding question: how much do bifold doors cost?

A significant and ever-increasing number of people are choosing to install bifold doors. And that’s NOT hyperbole: the last few years has seen bifold sales surpass those of even the conventional door! Especially when it comes to house-to-garden recesses.

They are, in addition, a popular enhancement within the home and are currently the most sought after means to divide a larger room in two.

That popularity is due largely to flexibility. A bifold door saves space like no other and, with its manner of opening to a concertina style it is barely noticeable when fully retracted; thus, the ideal answer to division without intrusion.

What’s more, if you think the amount of money needed for such an endeavour is beyond your means…

…Think again.

[IMG: “2-bifoldcost”; accredit: outdoorlivingdecor]
There are ways to approach a redesign which can offer you a myriad of options to suit your budget.

So, read on to find out how choosing the right specification of bifold door (material, size and additional features) does make such an undertaking infinitely affordable.

And discover how a time-tested, flexible and brilliant design for a recess threshold can pay dividends in the future.

How much do bifold doors cost?

Let’s first lay our cards on the table. As a reputable designer and manufacturer of bifold doors, sliding doors, French doors and windows Bifold Doors UK firmly believes it is NOT worth trying to find a bifold supplier that is willing to sacrifice workmanship for a sale.

Bifold doors (just like conventional doors), MUST be secure, insulated and well-made.

Otherwise, to have something installed that may let in draughts or begin to decay within weeks will cost you dearly in the long run.

For an idea of the cost of our bifold doors take a moment to look at our Price List. Remember, these prices are not inclusive of fitting. We will design and manufacture doors and windows to your specifications, but we are not fitters. When it comes to the installation, we will put you in touch with recommended fitters in your region.

[IMG: “3-bifoldcost”; accredit:]
When considering the cost of your new bifold adventure, it is worthwhile to know that the final cost of having a bifold door made and fitted varies according to certain factors, some of which are decided by you. We shall look at all of the other variables later but for now, these three are worth keeping in mind:

  • Door size (recess threshold)
  • Style of door, fittings and security
  • Material of manufacture

Especially, the ‘material of manufacture’ will control cost.  Bifold Doors UK crafts doors from aluminium or hardwood, the former of which is marginally more expensive than the latter.

Both however have singular benefits and features to take into account…


As with the hardwood variety, bifold doors made from aluminium can extend as far as eight panels in either direction of the centre point of a threshold. That’s a maximum recess screen of 16 panels, or 15 metres in width and 3 metres in height.

Crucially, the aluminium used is of a premium quality, insulated and highly resistant to weathering.

When compared with hardwood, the profile of the aluminium doors is slightly slimmer and due to their lighter weight, each door ‘leaf’ can be made a little wider.

[IMG: “4-bifoldcost”; accredit:]
One of the other big benefits arising from aluminium doors is their ease of maintenance. The frames are coated in a coloured paint to suit and rarely need to be retouched.

A recent review extolling the virtues of aluminium bifold doors can be found here:

‘Maintenance free, strong, light and long-term stability so whilst upvc and wood have disadvantages aluminium has none apart from cost. I believe I will recoup the cost in long life, no need for maintenance and my time or money doing so. These days you can have them with all kinds of colour combinations, different colour inside to outside, wood effect laminates on them etc.’


The hardwood bifold is chosen more often than not by those seeking a sense of synergy with a period house. Of course, hardwood installations are not confined to houses over a certain age, but the austere and natural appearance of the wood blends well with some houses more than others.

Bifold Doors UK manufactures wooden doors in various finishes and stained to match the prevailing décor. The doors are made from a solid hardwood (usually sapele) but are available in oak and other families of timber.

[IMG: “5-bifoldcost”; accredit:]
Hardwood doesn’t have to be coated with paint; the natural grain of the wood certainly adds an organic essence to a place. But if you do decide to paint the timbers they will probably need to be recoated every few years. In addition, wood tends to grow and shrink in response to environmental conditions.

Cost comparison with other types of installation

For an honest comparison that may help you in your quest call us on 0843 886 8378 or contact us for a free quote.

The cause of bifold doors outscoring other types of patio door is primarily their concertina motion; the ability to be ‘hidden from view’ when fully opened is their gift. Such a design perfectly tempers the halt with the thoroughfare.

Bear in mind as well that, should you wish, a traffic door can be included in the concertina. When the element is closed a single door set among the panels at either end allows passage.

In contrast, French-style and sliding doors often make us feel confined, especially in the winter.

It is this level of versatility that has made bifolds a first choice of those considering home renovation, for when closed to the elements their unique glass panelling still allows light to flood into the home. Their manner of draught exclusion and insulation ensure unfettered views of the garden all year round.

And what of cost?

Well, the difference in cost between French doors, sliding doors and bifold doors is almost non-existent, although as each assembly grows in size (in response to its location) various elements do add to the cost (for instance, designing a wider-than-normal sliding door will see an intrinsic cost increase due to the width of the glass).

[IMG: “6-bifoldcost”; accredit: Pinterest]
 Here is a quick summary of the cost comparisons for a basic element:

  • French doors (swinging patio doors): £1,500 to £2,000 for two uPVC French doors.
  • Sliding doors: £1,600 to £2,100 for uPVC doors.
  • Bifold doors (manufacture only): £1,300 for a hardwood two-panel set-up.

How do bifold doors stack up against conventional doors?

Today’s customer is fonder of glass than ever before. 21st Century architectural designs often include a large percentage of glass covering and bifold doors are no exception to this rule. Thus, in comprising a series of framed glass panes they are often found within the home in the role of a room divider.

Comparison with window installation

Although cheaper to install, a window to the outside can only function in three ways: it is either open or shut, and you can look through it.

But it is worth asking the question when on the cusp of an improvement to the home about what function the window really serves and what better function a door may serve.

Look at this from the perspective of a home buyer: You are welcomed into a house which has bifold doors running across its rear wall. It is light, well-ventilated and feels fashionable. In comparison with the previous house visited, which was adequately fitted with a rear-facing window, which would pique your interest more? Which is the lighter of the two? Which is airier?

And therein is another benefit of the bifold: In terms of property enhancement, it is surely the more apt choice; the one that will create the “wow” for you, and others.

What else adds to the cost of bifold doors?

Like most property constructions, the higher level of workmanship or the bigger the installation the more money it will undoubtedly cost.

Yet as we have already seen, the increase in cost is matched for any type of door. For bifolds specifically, here are seven other factors that may add to the final bill:

  1. Material used (aluminium is more expensive than hardwood)
  2. Energy rating (the better the rating the more expensive)
  3. Colour choice
  4. Type of glazing (double, triple, tempered, etc)
  5. Physical specification of the door
  6. Fittings and ironwork
  7. Modification of surrounding masonry/woodwork at installation
[IMG: “7-bifoldcost”; accredit:]

So, where does all that leave you?

In terms of ‘how much do bifold doors cost?’ the answer in effect relies on YOU. After all, only you are in control of the modifications you make and your personal preference plays its part. Given the appropriate guidance from experts, you can make informed choices about which elements to include in the project and which to avoid.

The bottom-line is, bifold doors are no less affordable than any other type of installation

So, when thinking about the next step you will take, simply remember how many varieties there are, how customisable our designs are and how important it is to create something to last.

Then there are the wider benefits of bifolds – the light, the view, the air, the feel. In winter, modern manufacturing of the glass panels and frames presents homeowners with an energy-efficient obstacle both to heat loss and air ingress.

And as for summer, well… the bifold really comes into its own.

Remember: bifold doors are good for your health…

…And the health of your pocket and your house!

  • They are low-maintenance
  • They give ease of access to the garden, patio or larger outside world
  • They provide excellent security
  • They bring light into the house
  • They look great, fashionable, trendy, ‘with it’
  • They are infinitely customisable
  • They take up hardly any space when opened

Our bifold doors and all other products come in a wide variety of configurations and are often bespoke. For any other information or a free quote please contact us or call: 0843 886 8378