7 Reasons Why Bifold Doors Are a Good Idea

Bi-fold doors are making some serious waves in the UK right now. Don’t believe us? Watch any episode of Grand Designs. But why are they so popular? Well, for starters, they let a lot of light in to a property whilst providing maximum privacy when you need it.

Thanks to being solidly constructed and effortless to use, bi-folding doors are wonderful for both businesses and homes that want to benefit from extra light in the room or that want to transform the outdoors into an additional functioning room.

The benefits of bi-fold doors don’t stop there. They boast a whole host of other advantages, too.

1. Ease of Use

Because these well-designed doors fold and stack smartly to one or both sides of an aperture when open, people can move easily from the inside out to the garden. Sliding patio and French doors, on the other hand, can be less practical in more restricted spaces, such as opening out onto a patio or balcony. In contrast, bi-fold patio doors fold away gracefully without impacting on access. What’s more, low threshold folding patio doors are a brilliant solution for wheelchair users and the disabled who require larger access with the least amount of step.

2. Slimly Built

With their slim profiles, folding doors are slimmer and less obvious than classic French or patio doors. Slender bi-folds enable the utmost visibility whilst being hard-wearing, strong and modern in style.


3. Easy to Maintain

The minimal amount of maintenance is required to keep bi-fold doors looking top-notch for many years, especially if they’re made from aluminium. All you’ll need to do is wash it down every so often and use a splash of oil occasionally.

4. Incredibly Secure

You can enjoy the view of your garden even when the door’s fully shut, thanks to its slim profile which means there’s more glass on show without compromising on security. The doors are totally weatherproof, providing outstanding thermal efficiency – and don’t be fooled by its ease of access, bifold doors are wonderfully secure and are thus used extensively in both commercial and domestic settings.


5. Ultra-Modern

Our bifolding doors feature the latest folding and sliding technology to give you countless years of fuss-free use. With their versatile styling, these doors look as good as they function, meaning they’re perfect for use in older period properties and contemporary buildings.

6. The Best of Both Worlds

Versatility is the keyword when it comes to bi-folds. During the summer months when fully open, they offer a seamless amalgamation between the outdoors and the indoors, providing free movement in and out of a domestic home.


7. Stand Out Profile

Not only do bi-folds bring in lots of light which, in turn, makes a room more aesthetically pleasing on the inside, they also make your property look contemporary and polished on the outside. We have a whole gamut of styles and designs to perfectly complement the rest of your home.

How to Dress Bifold Doors: Fitting Curtains and Blinds

Of course, one of the great things about bi-fold doors is the fact that they’re great for space-saving and allow in a vast amount of natural light in through their glass panels. Whilst this is great during the daytime when you would like to enhance the feeling of space and openness, it may not be ideal for later evening and night time, when you’d like a little more privacy.

What’s more, external bi-fold doors are often used to connect an outdoor patio with the interior of your home and therefore, if your garden or outdoor space is overlooked, you may again choose to dress your folding doors with curtains or blinds.

That’s why, many property owners with bi-fold doors in the home choose to have curtains or blinds fitted.

Dressing Your Bi-fold Doors

If you’ve decided to dress your bi-fold doors, you’ll first need to decide on whether you’d prefer curtains or blinds. There are advantages and disadvantages to both and, unlike standard doors, you’ll need to think about how your choice of dressing will affect the function of your doors.

Although it is possible to fit curtains and blinds to bi-fold doors, you’ll want to consider which will be the most effective choice for you.

Fitting Curtains to Your Bi-fold Doors

There is nothing more comforting and cosier than having a warming curtain fitted on the inside of an external door to block any drafts and enhance the feeling of homeliness to your interior. Lightweight and light-coloured curtains can also add to the privacy of your home, portraying a modern and airy feel.

If you want a homely, insulating curtain, you should bear in mind that when having curtains fitted to your bi-fold doors, they can become extremely heavy when made of thick fabric, therefore, you may want to consider a lighter fabric option, particularly when your bi-fold doors cover a large surface area.

Lighter fabrics include: Voile, Organza and Silk. Other options may be: Velvet, cotton, muslin or linen.

Choosing Blinds for Your Bi-fold Doors

If blinds are a preference for our home, perhaps you want to portray a modern aesthetic or feel that curtains would be an impractical choice, then investing in some blinds may be the right choice for you.

You can choose from a range of blinds, including roller blinds, roman blinds and vertical panel blinds. Roller blinds tend to take up less space, while roman blinds gather at the top of your door. Therefore, if you are looking for maximal light to come through roller blinds may be your best bet.

What to Remember when Dressing Your Bi-fold Doors

  1. Don’t be afraid to buy curtains made from synthetic fabric.

Although it isn’t necessarily sensible to opt for the cheapest fabric available, many synthetic fabrics are both effective and aesthetically pleasing, and can save you a considerable amount of money.

  1. Get specific measurements.

Measure up! Whether you are opting for curtains or blinds, it is essential that you get the specific measurements of your bi-fold doors. The last thing you want is to buy an expensive dressing for your bi-fold doors only to find that they’re not fit for use.

  1. Do your research

Don’t just opt for the first set of curtains or blinds you come across, do your research into which curtains and blinds will suit your bi-fold doors and property interior.

Moder glass entrance door. House exterior.

Opt for some Bi-fold Doors this Spring

There is nothing better when we’re nearing Spring to think about Spring cleaning your property and investing in some home improvements.

What’s more, if you are looking for some new, space-saving doors that will enhance your property this Spring, whether they’re traditional or contemporary in style, then look no further than Bi-fold Doors UK!

Here at Bi-fold Doors UK, we have a range of French doors, patio doors, internal doors and external doors available and, of course, our bespoke bi-fold doors.

Our bi-fold doors are undoubtedly some of the highest-quality on the market. Our timber bi-fold doors are not only manufactured by skilled craftsmen in our joinery for the perfect product, they’re also made using the finest FSC-sourced wood. Additionally, our aluminium bi-fold doors are made using the finest, most durable aluminium.

Take a look at why you should opt for some Bi-fold Doors this Spring from Bi-fold Doors UK.

Bi-fold doors to suit any property

No matter what type of property you own, you’ll find some bi-fold doors to suit your home perfectly from Bi-fold Doors UK. Whether you live in a ground-floor flat or a large detached country house, bi-fold doors have an option for you.

You may choose to opt for oak or pine, or go more contemporary with aluminium. No matter what bi-fold door material you choose, you can be sure to receive a well-made product that will fit your doorways perfectly.

Many people opt for bi-fold doors in order to maximise the amount of space in a room, as bi-folding doors do save space in comparison to other internal and external doors like French doors and patio doors.

Internal and external options

Bi-fold Doors UK offer both internal and external bi-fold doors, which may surprise those people that thought bi-fold doors were purely an interior type of door.

Our external bi-fold doors are hard-wearing and resistant to weathering elements, such as rain, snow and high wind. In addition, our bi-fold doors are fitted with durable fittings and fixtures for practicality of use and, of course, essential security.

We have different lock fittings available that you can choose from so that you feel as secure as possible within your home.

Contact us at Bi-fold Doors UK

If you would like to find out more about opting for some Bi-fold Doors this Spring from Bi-fold Doors UK, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You may also want to contact us about our other types of internal and external doors.

Treat your partner and yourself to some new bi-fold doors this Valentine’s Day!

There is nothing more romantic than investing in your home for Valentine’s Day and the bi-fold doors from Bi-fold Doors UK can genuinely make the perfect addition to a property.

We have a range of bi-fold doors available. Our bi-fold doors come in a range of materials, including timber, oak and aluminium.

Our bi-fold doors not only look fantastic, they’ll also add value to your home. Take a look at some of the doors we have available below.

Aluminium bi-fold doors

Aluminium bi-fold doors are perfect for modern buildings that are contemporary in style. The aluminium bi-fold doors from Bi-fold Doors UK offer supreme high-quality. Made from durable aluminium with a premium finish, we make sure our bi-fold doors are fitted to complete perfection. Whether you choose to install the bi-fold doors yourself or have them fitted by one of our expert installers, you’ll notice how the bi-fold doors are fitted precisely for your property.

Timber bi-fold doors

Similarly to our aluminium bi-fold doors, our timber bi-fold doors offer perfection in terms of their function, aesthetics, fixtures and fittings.

Timber bi-fold doors work well in more traditionally styled homes as well as modern designs, and can be a cheaper wood alternative to oak.

Our timber bi-fold doors are space-saving in comparison to patio doors and other standard internal doors.

Oak bi-fold doors        

Oak bi-fold doors tend to be regarded slightly superior to timber bi-fold doors in that oak tends to be regarded as a highly prestigious wood and is generally more expensive.

Oak is extremely popular for its unique and bespoke patterns, and is popular amongst those who may have a lot of oak furniture in their homes, such as an oak kitchen or oak internal doors.

French, patio and folding sliding doors

Perhaps you and your other half would prefer an alternative to bi-fold doors for your home this Valentine’s day and are more interested in another type of internal or external door, such as French doors or patio doors.

At Bi-fold Doors UK, we really do have a variety of doors for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for French doors, patio doors or folding sliding doors, you’ll find high-quality doors, made from timber, oak and aluminium at Bi-fold Doors UK.

Contact us at Bi-fold Doors UK

If you are interested in purchasing any of our French, patio, bi-fold or folding sliding doors this Valentine’s Day, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Bi-fold Doors UK. Our friendly team are happy to help!


 Red heart and key hanging on antique wood background

Happy New Year from Bifold Doors UK!

Happy New Year from the team here at Bifold Doors UK! We hope you have had a brilliant start to 2017 and have also enjoyed the recent Christmas celebrations to mark the end of 2016.

Although January is often a difficult time of year to make large purchases, due to more extravagant spending over Christmas, you may be looking to replace some of your interior doors some time in 2017 and, here at Bifold Doors UK, we are confident that we can help.

Our bi-folding doors are high-quality and built to work efficiently, and wear well, throughout their lifetime.

There are numerous advantages to opting for bi-fold doors in your home. Not only do bi-fold doors have a unique appeal for any property, they are extremely space-saving and a fantastic addition to homes where space is at a premium.

Take a look at some of our bi-fold door products below, they’ll make the perfect home addition for 2017!

Internal Bi-fold Doors

Choose from a range of internal bi-fold doors from Bifold Doors UK. We can ensure that our bi-fold doors are extremely high-quality, and work well in various properties, from small apartments to large country houses. Our bi-fold doors are available in a range of high-quality hardwood and timbers.

Our bi-fold doors are built with quality fixtures and fittings that are made-to-measure and will fit your home perfectly. What’s more, our bi-fold doors are built to last and will work well throughout their long lifetime.

Ultimately, you can choose from a variety of woods suitable for the interior of your property from Bifold Doors UK.

External Bi-fold Doors

Inevitably, we also offer external bi-fold doors at Bifold Doors UK that are built to withstand weathering elements and provide the perfect indoor-outdoor entrance and exit for your property.

We find that many people opt for bi-fold doors to take up less room on their patio and also as a connection to a conservatory or orangery from their garden.

No matter what your reason for choosing an external bi-fold door for your property in 2017, we’ll provide you with the perfect bi-folding doors at Bi-fold Doors UK.

Contact us at Bifold Doors UK for the perfect b-fold doors in 2017

If you are hoping to invest in some bi-fold doors for 2017, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Bi-fold Doors UK, we’ll be happy to help you improve your home in 2017!