7 Reasons Why Bifold Doors Are a Good Idea
November 22, 2017

Bi-fold doors are making some serious waves in the UK right now. Don’t believe us? Watch any episode of Grand Designs. But why are they so popular? Well, for starters, they let a lot of light in to a property whilst providing maximum privacy when you need it.

Thanks to being solidly constructed and effortless to use, bi-folding doors are wonderful for both businesses and homes that want to benefit from extra light in the room or that want to transform the outdoors into an additional functioning room.

The benefits of bi-fold doors don’t stop there. They boast a whole host of other advantages, too.

1. Ease of Use

Because these well-designed doors fold and stack smartly to one or both sides of an aperture when open, people can move easily from the inside out to the garden. Sliding patio and French doors, on the other hand, can be less practical in more restricted spaces, such as opening out onto a patio or balcony. In contrast, bi-fold patio doors fold away gracefully without impacting on access. What’s more, low threshold folding patio doors are a brilliant solution for wheelchair users and the disabled who require larger access with the least amount of step.

2. Slimly Built

With their slim profiles, folding doors are slimmer and less obvious than classic French or patio doors. Slender bi-folds enable the utmost visibility whilst being hard-wearing, strong and modern in style.


3. Easy to Maintain

The minimal amount of maintenance is required to keep bi-fold doors looking top-notch for many years, especially if they’re made from aluminium. All you’ll need to do is wash it down every so often and use a splash of oil occasionally.

4. Incredibly Secure

You can enjoy the view of your garden even when the door’s fully shut, thanks to its slim profile which means there’s more glass on show without compromising on security. The doors are totally weatherproof, providing outstanding thermal efficiency – and don’t be fooled by its ease of access, bifold doors are wonderfully secure and are thus used extensively in both commercial and domestic settings.


5. Ultra-Modern

Our bifolding doors feature the latest folding and sliding technology to give you countless years of fuss-free use. With their versatile styling, these doors look as good as they function, meaning they’re perfect for use in older period properties and contemporary buildings.

6. The Best of Both Worlds

Versatility is the keyword when it comes to bi-folds. During the summer months when fully open, they offer a seamless amalgamation between the outdoors and the indoors, providing free movement in and out of a domestic home.


7. Stand Out Profile

Not only do bi-folds bring in lots of light which, in turn, makes a room more aesthetically pleasing on the inside, they also make your property look contemporary and polished on the outside. We have a whole gamut of styles and designs to perfectly complement the rest of your home.

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