Do bifold doors make a room cold?
October 14, 2021

If you have been looking to buy some bifold doors, one of the questions you may have is: Do bifold doors make a room cold? In this article, we will break down all the aspects of bifold doors and show you how they not only help with year-round natural light but also keep your home warm and cosy.

With their vast expanse of glass, it can be easy to see why people think that bi-fold doors make a room cold. More glass is often associated with draughts and cold air infiltrating your home.

As with any home improvement, the answer varies depending on the quality of the product you get. Technology for bifold doors has dramatically advanced in the last 10 years, meaning that those old bifold doors you’ve come across aren’t the same as the superior bifold doors you can get these days. 

One of the most used measurements of a window’s thermal efficiency is U-value, which measures an object’s ability to retain heat. The lower the value the more efficient it is. In the early 2000s, Building Regulations required windows and doors to have a U-value of 3.1 W/m2K. Today, Regulations specify that a window/door needs to have a U-value of 1.6 W/m2K, which means you get more thermal protection with bifold doors that you purchase today.

bifold doors

Why are bifold doors thermally efficient?

Advances in double and triple glazing technology have contributed to the improvement of bifold doors. Not only has the quality of glazing improved, but the design of the bifold doors has been expertly engineered to make sure you get the thermal protection you need and making sure there is no heat escaping from your home.

Our bifold doors feature triple weather-sealing on all interlocks which allows them to comfortably exceed the UK standard requirements for weather tightness on windows and doors. This combination keeps draughts, rain, and the cold winter weather at bay, which means you can maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, as well as low energy bills.

The benefits of wood and aluminium bifold doors

Here we will explain why wooden and aluminium bifold doors are superior to standard sliding doors. Wooden bifold doors are great for keeping out the cold. If your bifold door frames are made from wood, make sure that the wood is FSC-certified. Common patio doors let draughts in while bi-fold doors do not.

An aluminium bifold door is very secure and will also keep your home protected from harsh weather. Aluminium bifold doors are a bit less thermally efficient than wood or UPVC. The thermal rating of your external bifold doors will be is measured in U-Values. The lower the U-Value the better the rating. A decent U-Value rating would be around 1.3 or 1.6, so keep that in mind.

aluminium bifold doors

Because bifold doors attain higher levels of thermal retention and energy efficiency than conventional patio doors such as a sliding door, you’ll also increase the energy efficiency in your home, which means you will save money on electricity bills and look after the environment while doing it. Standard sliding patio doors on the other hand are not energy efficient and will let all the warmth in your home dissipate. Also make sure your bi-fold doors are installed correctly otherwise they can become thermally broken and have less thermal efficiency.

If your looking for a wooden or aluminium bifold door that can keep your home warm and energy-efficient then get in touch with us today and make your dream home come true. 

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Do bifold doors make a room cold?

If you have been looking to buy some bifold doors, one of the questions you may have is: Do bifold doors make a room cold? In this article, we will break down all the aspects […]

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